Pasture Candy

Our passion at Pasture Candy is fancies, with a concentration on pintos. Since we are new and have a small herd, we don't have any alpacas for sale at this time, but if you like fancies (or solids, for that matter, as we will likely have some of those, as well), bookmark this site and check back in the future. In the meantime, enjoy the photos!

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Sophie - Maiden Female
Celesta - Maiden Female
Didessa - Maiden Female
Danza - Maiden Female
Tesla - Adult Female
Chime - Adult Female
Euphrates - Adult Female
Lanoche - Adult Female
Zoey - Herd Grandmother

Harvest - Herdsire
Patoka - Herdsire
Xian - Adult Female
Ampere - Adult Male
Picchu - Herdsire
Resplandor - Adult Male
Manchester - Herd Grandsire
Kaleidoscope - Herdsire
Zephaniah - Junior Herdsire
Louie - Junior Herdsire
Xander - Yearling Male
Winifred - Yearling Female
Amber - Yearling Female
Laluna - Yearling Female
Zener - Yearling Male
Phenom - Adult Female
Nickelette - Adult Female
Gigi - Adult Female

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