Pasture Candy


    Full name: TKA Zoey

Temperment: Very gentle. A bit skittish. An extremely good mother - she not only feeds her own offspring, but supplements other crias as well, and she often has a cluster of crias gathered near her, which is why she has gained the title of Herd Grandmother.

Color (phenotype), Gender: dark brown, bay black and white pinto adult female

Color (genotype, probable): dark brown / true black, two white spot genes

Breed: Huacaya

ARI#: 30036688

Sire: Atomic Reactor

Dam: TRV Whoopie

Offspring born into the Pasture Candy herd:
Pasture Candy Chime
Pasture Candy Tesla
Pasture Candy Zener

Ancestors with 40 or more registered offspring, as of October 2010 (generations back): Pperuvian Guellermo G4546 (3), Peruvian Camilio G4561 (3), Peruvian Ion S221 ALOA (2), Peruvian Fuego G226 (4)

Fiber description: Nice buttery handle. Relatively soft and crimpy, but not overly fine. Her biggest claim to fame fleece-wise is her patterning!

Fiber stats:
2010: 28.0 microns, 4.0 lbs total fleece
2011: 25.7 microns, 3.8 lbs total fleece (while nursing her cria and supplementing two others!)
2012: 31.3 microns, 4.8 lbs total fleece
2013: 31.7 microns, 4.0 lbs total fleece
2014: 3.0 lbs total fleece