Pasture Candy


    Full name: Ampere

Temperment: very sweet

Color (phenotype), Gender: non-fading true black and white adult male

Color (genotype): true black / true black, white spot gene

Breed: Huacaya

ARI#: 31866804

Sire: Othello's Running Bear

Dam: TKA Zoey

Ancestors with 40 or more registered offspring, as of October 2010 (generations back): Pperuvian Guellermo G4546 (4), Peruvian Camilio G4561 (4), Peruvian Ion S221 ALOA (3), Peruvian White Out (5), C4 Merrill G211 (4), Peruvian Fuego G226 (5), SA Karrington (5), Ppperuvian Dante (4)

Fiber description: Strong fiber. Nice handle, with an intriguing cool slick feel, and exceedingly bright (see fleece photo!).

Fiber stats:
2011 (cria fleece): 28.3 microns, 4.0 lbs total fleece
2012: 36.1 microns, 7.6 lbs total fleece
2013: 40.0 microns, 8.4 lbs total fleece
2014: 6.6 lbs total fleece