Pasture Candy


    Full name: Pasture Candy Tesla

Temperment: alert, cautious

Color (phenotype), Gender: medium fawn and white adult female

Color (genotype, probable): fawn / either black or brown, white spot gene, dilution gene

Breed: Huacaya

ARI#: 32791662

Sire: EMA Manchester

Dam: TKA Zoey

Offspring born into the Pasture Candy herd:
Pasture Candy Sophie
Pasture Candy Winifred

Ancestors with 40 or more registered offspring, as of October 2010 (generations back): Pperuvian Guellermo G4546 (4), Peruvian Camilio G4561 (4), Peruvian Ion S221 ALOA (3), Peruvian Fuego G226 (5), Peruvian Hemingway G171 (5), Pperuvian Felix G4562 (5), Ppperuvian El Moustachio 6003 (4), K-2 (3), Mister Antonio (4)

Fiber description: Crimpy and soft. Very bright! Unusual strawberry blond color.

Fiber stats:
2014 (cria fleece): 3.8 lbs total fleece