Pasture Candy


    Full name: Alpaca Orchard's Harvest

Temperment: good natured

Color (phenotype), Gender: medium brown and white pinto adult male herdsire

Color (genotype, probable): brown / black, two white spot genes, dilution gene

Breed: Huacaya

ARI#: 31861113

Sire: SP's Tap Dancer

Dam: Alpaca Orchard's Seven Stars

Offspring born into the Pasture Candy herd:
Pasture Candy Danza
Pasture Candy Sophie
Pasture Candy Didessa
Pasture Candy Celesta

Ancestors with 40 or more registered offspring, as of December 2013 (generations back): Uber's Diamond (4), 5Peruvian Black Ice 9069 (4), 5Peruvian Chinchero 9036 (4), Macho Fawn HST G451 (4), Peruvian Macusani (5)

Fiber description: Soft, very pleasant handle.

Fiber stats:
2014 (1sts only): 2.6 lbs