Pasture Candy


    Full name: Craigieburn's Euphrates

Temperment: active, intelligent

Color (phenotype), Gender: non-fading true black adult female. (She is such a deep black that my cameraman had to pull out some fancy camera tricks to get any details of her to show up in her photos.)

Color (genotype): true black / true black

Breed: Huacaya

ARI#: 31370202

Sire: Maple Brook Conundrum

Dam: Natalia - Pisarata

Offspring born into the Pasture Candy herd:
Pasture Candy Kahana (deceased)
Pasture Candy Patoka
Pasture Candy Didessa
Pasture Candy Amber

Ancestors with 40 or more registered offspring, as of October 2010 (generations back): Brittany's Desperado (2), SA Karrington (4), SA Emperado (3)

Fiber description: She has a soft fleece that feels amazing! It is velvety, and has a remarkably similar character in feel to Lanoche's fleece, but with a slight buttery edge.

Fiber stats:
2011 (approx 3 years old): 18.7 microns, 1sts + 2nds = 3.5 lbs
2012 (approx 4 years old): 23.5 microns, 4.0 lbs total fleece
2013 (approx 5 years old): 23.2 microns, 3.7 lbs total fleece
2014 (approx 6 years old): 3.0 lbs total fleece

Other notes: Euphrates is Lanoche's double-half-aunt. She is a half sibling to each of Lanoche's parents (who aren't related to each other).