Annie Matilda

    Full name: Annie Matilda

Temperment: Stubborn alpha. Independent and very intelligent. Very protective mother. Has been seen charging at and challenging the guard dog.

Color (phenotype), Gender: bay black adult female

Color (genotype): bay black / true black, carries a dilution gene

Breed: Huacaya

ARI#: 845467

Sire: Peruvian Olympus

Dam: Natalia - Pisarata

Offspring born into the Pasture Candy herd: Pasture Candy Lanoche

Ancestors with 40 or more registered offspring, as of October 2010 (generations back): Peruvian Olympus (1), Peruvian Drambuie G220 (2)

Fiber description: Soft and crimpy. Seems to be holding her microns well.

Fiber stats:
2004 (aprox 1 years old) 22.4 microns
2005 (aprox 2 years old) 24.2 microns
2006 (aprox 3 years old) 25.3 microns, 6 lbs total fleece
2009 (aprox 6 years old) 25.1 microns
2010 (aprox 7 years old) 25.6 microns, 4.2 lbs total fleece

Other notes: Deceased as of 3/9/2011 from illness